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Jennifer is recovering from a stem cell transplant. The financial toll from Jennifer’s first round was substantial.  The cost of treatment this time may exceed $350,000.

Please join us, Jennifer and Tim’s family and friends in supporting Jennifer’s journey. The goal is to raise enough money to pay for Jennifer’s costly medical care and the daily living expenses of her family.  And of course, pray, and get the word out for others to pray for Jennifer’s recovery!
As Jennifer’s work has improved the lives of so many around the world, now we can do the same for Jennifer.  Please show you care for Jennifer.  Any little bit helps.

*Tax-deductible donations can be made for Jennifer Linnabary through the online DONATE BUTTON in the upper right portion of this website, or send to this address:
Messiah Lutheran Church
10416 Bossi Lane
Cincinnati, OH  45218                     
*Check made out to: Messiah Lutheran Church
If you wish, express your donation intent on an attached note

Non tax-deductible donations are being accepted at:

First Financial Bank
6060 South Gilmore Road
Fairfield, Oh  45014
Check made out to: Jennifer Linnabary

*When you make a gift, please feel free to express any preference you have for its use.   Messiah Lutheran Church makes every effort to honor the wishes of our donors.  Please note, in order to ensure that donors will be entitled to a federal income tax deduction, Messiah Lutheran Church is required by IRS Rulings to retain full authority and discretion over assets granted to it.

Thank you for your support!