Jennifer's Story

Jennifer, adoringly called Ziggy, fights for the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of intellectually and physically disabled people every day. She co-created Project SEARCH, an internationally established award-winning program, based at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Now Jennifer is in her own personal fight with the resurgence of Mantel Cell Lymphoma, a rare, aggressive cancer. From her blog:
…the fear of what lies ahead is present.  I do not cry all the time but I do allow the tears to come when they need...this morning Ben and I were driving to Church and I asked him to plug in his iPod.  He usually listens to head-banging Christian music but this morning decided to play something he thought I would enjoy.  I do not remember the name of the song but it was talking about when the pain and struggles of this life would be gone.  I started crying and told him to turn it off.  He was only trying to help.
My faith has grown so much since I started this journey. I know that whatever happens, I am held by God and for that I am at peace. 
I hope/love to have the energy to work again…as that is when I can meet with my clients and talk with them about what the future may look like.  Selfishly, I want to be with them because they have a unique way of looking at this situation that makes me laugh (yelling Cancer Sucks in the cafeteria) and asking the questions that others are afraid to ask.   I LOVE MY JOB!!!!
Recently, Jennifer faced one of the harsh realities of fighting this disease that so many cancer patients face – no sick time left – no paycheck coming.  Imagine the horror, the uncertainly and the feeling of defeat this creates in those who are already facing unspeakable unknowns!  She knows she needs to leave this fight to others as her strength needs to be on that other foe – CANCER.

Jennifer now turns to her faith and her trust in family and the kindness of others. She, along with husband Tim, daughter Rebecca and son Benjamin need all of our love and support. 

Family, friends and strangers, let us come together in one united message, “Jennifer, we are all here for you and we want to ease some of your burdens.”